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So I thought I would share a little 'spoil myself' that I enjoy occasionally.  When you put this together you look at it and think, 'I will never get full on this!", and great will be your surprise! Lets get to it:   What you will need: 1. To prepare the prawns: 100g de-shelled prawn met - I normally get the large tails 500ml Purified water 8ml Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt 30ml Xylitol 5ml Crushed Garlic 2.5ml Cayenne Pepper   2. for the salad: Martinnaise 1000 Island Banting Mayonnaise Martinnaise Sugar Free Tomato Sauce Three types of lettuce - Crunchetta,...

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So, as per the pic below, I fried two eggs in butter, sliced a small avocado and seasoned it with pink salt and coarse black pepper. Next I chopped some onion and ham and sauteed it in some coconut oil and added three drops of liquid smoke and a pinch of pink salt, just to boost the smoked ham’s flavour. The baby jam tomatoes I sliced into quarters and sauteed in coconut oil on low heat. Half way through the process I added some of our new Soya Free Soya Sauce and Sugar free Maple Syrup with a dash of...

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