Keto / Banting Ham, Eggs and Avo with Martinnaise

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Keto / Banting Ham, Eggs and Avo with Martinnaise

So, as per the pic below, I fried two eggs in butter, sliced a small avocado and seasoned it with pink salt and coarse black pepper. Next I chopped some onion and ham and sauteed it in some coconut oil and added three drops of liquid smoke and a pinch of pink salt, just to boost the smoked ham’s flavour. The baby jam tomatoes I sliced into quarters and sauteed in coconut oil on low heat. Half way through the process I added some of our new Soya Free Soya Sauce and Sugar free Maple Syrup with a dash of red wine vinegar. 

This was such a delicious breakfast and I felt satidfied for hours. It may just be ham, avocado and egg, but checkit out!

You will need:

Banting approved ham

Eggs (preferrably free range if you can)


Baby tomatoes - cherry or jam tomatoes works best

Martinnaise Liquid Smoke

Martinnaise Sugar Free Maple Syrup

Martinnaise Soya Free Soya Sauce

Red Wine Vinegar

1/2 a mediem onion

Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt (or North Atlantic Sea Salt)

Black Pepper (preferrable coarse)

Lets put it together:

Start with the onion. Chopped it reasonably small - smaller always saute's faster - and place in a pan with either butter or coconut oil. Add a pinch of salt and let it simmer over a medium, heat. The edges must not brown.

While the onions are cooking chop up two to three slices of cooked ham. As soon as the onions starts softening, turn the heat down and add the ham. At this point add five to seven drops of Martinnaise Liquid Smoke to the mixture. You can more or less depending on how strong you would like the wood smoke flavour to come through. Stir the mixture and turn the plate off and let it rest.

Now for the tomatoes. I chopped them into quarters. saute (lightly and slowly fry over moderate to low heat) in some coconut oil. As they start softening, add the Soya Free Soya Sauce and a generous helping of the Sugar Free Maple Syrup to the tomatoes and let it simmer for three to five minutes on low heat. 

Next fry one or two eggs in butter to your preference.

Slice the avocado and season. Put it together on the plate and be prepared for a delicious meal that you will definitely want again!

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