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When I made this salad the first time I thought, there is no way this will keep me going! Oh wow, how wrong was I? This nutritious salad was tasty to the last bite. What you will need: Red and Green Butter Lettuce (available at Spar and Checkers) Butter Lettuce Cheese Red and Yellow Bell Peppers Baby Cherry or Plum Tomatoes Martinnaise Sugar Free BBQ Sauce (Yup, I put this BBQ sauce on my salad and its awesome!) Martinnaise Gourmet Vegan Mayonnaise Red Onions or shallots Himalayan Crystal Rocks Salt and coarse Black Pepper   Here's how I put it together:...

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if you love chocolate, you have to try this shake made with our Martinnaise Raw Unsweetened Cacao! I recommend enjoying this as a meal replacement, as it is super filling and very nutritious, I even include some nutritionals on the image for those of you who like to look at the numbers. Our Martinnaise Raw Unsweetened non-Alkalised Cacao is perfect for this meal and gives that perfect chocolate flavour! This delcious shake Vegan meal all on its own.  Now there are a few variables on the quantities which will allow you to tweak this to exactly how you like it....

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So being a busy guy I love quick nutritious meals. This has been one of my favourites for a long time! Fry's Family's vegan prawns with three of my mayos, it is just so good. As with all my pics, this was my actual lunch. OK, so I like to make my food look pretty ... maybe I have watched too many food shows..... LOL! As you guys know, we don't do soya at Martinnaise, but these prawns are so good, that I just have to occasionally quietly have some without my girls knowing - now don't you dare tell...

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This was such a delightful surprise! There are so many supposed vegan meat alternatives that just come up short on flavour, but I's like to give a shout out to Denny for pulling a gem out of the hat here and I will definitely be trying more of their offerings. I really enjoyed this meal very much, so much so that I wanted to share it here. There are many products that I try that will never make it here as they just don't taste that good. I believe that vegan meals should be able to hold their own to...

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So I just want to give a shout out to Earth Bites for this delicious soya free lentil patty. They are very well priced and it contributed to making a great burger. I decided to cook it in a way not listed on the back of the packaging, we don't do anything the usual way at Martinnaise! I put it on a braai - I know, such a man-thing to do right? OK, so I get why they don't list it on the packaging, it was definitely a little tricky, but it worked! I simply basted them liberally with avocado oil on...

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