Vegan burger with Martinnaise sauces....awesome!

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Vegan burger with Martinnaise sauces....awesome!

So I just want to give a shout out to Earth Bites for this delicious soya free lentil patty. They are very well priced and it contributed to making a great burger. I decided to cook it in a way not listed on the back of the packaging, we don't do anything the usual way at Martinnaise! I put it on a braai - I know, such a man-thing to do right? OK, so I get why they don't list it on the packaging, it was definitely a little tricky, but it worked! I simply basted them liberally with avocado oil on both sides and it was a regular braai after that! I can truly say that this was a delicious burger! Just a note, if you are going to braai it, you no a medium heat fire and no frequent turning! If you turn it frequently it will fall apart!


The next time I cook these patties, I am going to pan fry them in coconut oil with a few drops of our Martinnaise Liquid Hickory Smoke mixed into the coconut oil for a different taste adventure and probably use our Martinnaise Original Vegan Mayonnaise......yummy!


So here is what you will need:

Martinnaise Tangy Vegan Mayonnaise

Martinnaise Sugar Free BBQ Sauce


Butter Lettuce

Red Onion / Shallot

Vegan Bun

Ina Paarmans Meat Spice

Earth Free Bites Lentil Hamburger Patties 

Avocado or Coconut oil for basting the patties.


Now to put it together:

Braai the patties as described at the top here.

Cut bun into the two traditional halves and sprinkle the bottom with some Ina Paarmans Meat Spice (adds awesome flavour)

Next add the lettuce and spoon the Martinnaise Tangy Vegan Mayonnaise over the lettuce

Place the burger patty and garnish with tomato and red onion rings

Drizzle Martinnaise BBQ Sauce over the garnishing and close the burger

Finally, sink your teeth into this awesome burger! It is right up there with the best burgers I have ever eaten.

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