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Lactose, Lactate, Lactase and Lactic Acid. What n earth??!! Isn't it all just forms of dairy? The answer is NO! Lets break it down for you and explain the difference.

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So what’s the big deal with pink salt? I must admit, like many sceptics to this whole eating healthy thing, I was a tough convert years ago. Surely salt is just salt, no matter what colour it comes in, I thought at least. Well it turns out I was wrong and since learning the value of the product I not only embraced it, but for many years now Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt is the only salt used in our products, no exceptions! I wanted to quickly share with you some of the amazing benefits you may enjoy when using pink...

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For many years I had a personal struggle with this. It was especially bad at night. So often it would happen in the early hours of the morning. Some nights I even had to sleep elevated if dinner was too spicy, had a dish with too much dairy or even acidity in the sauces or dressings. I couldn't figure it out, was it food, acid, spices, dairy, or was my stomach just producing too much acid. Watching all the antacid advertisements it certainly always suggested that the problem was too much stomach acid. So like most people I did what...

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 OK so most of us have heard of this thickener and we know it is in everything from soups to even some toothpastes. Is it good , is it bad? Well, this is getting a bit of lime-light on line at the moment and I thought it deserved some fair comment from the house of Martinnaise Food Products. Now it is not my mission to demonise this ingredient and certainly not to make bold, unsubstantiated claims either. Let me say from the get-go that we do not use carageenan in any of our products, we never have and never will....

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Feeling tired and run down on low-carb (Banting or Keto)? Read on and learn how to get back on top simply and quickly!   Hi friends! For those of you who are faithful in your low-carb lifestyle, this is going to either be news or all too familiar! Since you have been following your low carb eating lifestyle (and of course, NOT cheating goes without saying), I am sure you must have had days where you feel inexplicably tired, you may even have felt your heart rate a little off or tingling sensations in your hands and feet or maybe...

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