Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lactic Acid dairy? It sounds like 'lactose'!

The short answer is a resounding NO!
Three terms that cause confusion because their names sound so similar are Lactose, Lactase and Lactic Acid. They soound like they are all in the same family, right?

Firstly I must state that our products do not contain Lactose or Lactase. But what are they? Lactose is the carbohydrate sugar found in dairy products of which milk has the highest content. Lactase is a protein found in a calf's digestive system naturally that allows the digestion and metabolising of lactose.

Lactic acid on the other hand is produced in the process of fermenting sugar. So it is completely vegan, dairy free, and interestingly it contains no sugar. So it is completely safe for diabetics, and those with lactose intolerance issues.

Is Xanthan Gum natural or artificial?

Xanthan Gum is a natural thickener produced from the excrement of bacteria that has fed on cane sugar. No, it is not sugar. Just like yeast, it is activated by sugar. However, because it consumes the sugar during the activation process there is no sugar left once the process is complete. It is safe to state that yeast-containing products do not contain any residual sugar as a result of the activation. The presence of sugar in foods is the result of it being purposely added as an ingredient. To summarise then, Xanthan Gum is completely natural and is not a sugar and does not contain sugar.

I have cholesterol issues, can I eat Martinnaise mayonnaise?

You should always consult your doctor or primary health practitioner when being treated for specific health conditions before using new products. Please show your Martinnaise product to them or ask them to visit our website or contact us if they require additional information in order to assist you. All Martinnaise vegan mayonnaise, tomato sauce and sugar free BBQ sauce is naturally cholesterol free and low in oil or oil free. All our products are also sugar free.

What is Liquid Smoke?

Liquid Smoke is created by capturing wood smoke via a cold process in a liquid base and then using a lab process to remove carcinogens. It is very concentrated, so a little goes a long way to create a woody, smoky flavour.

I have diabetes, can I use Martinnaise products?

It is important to always consult your doctor or health practitioner before using new products to ensure it is a good fit with your health care regime and specific health condition. All Martinnaise products are sugar free, low in dietary fibre and sodium. Remember that moderation is always wise, this includes consumption of healthier food products. This is key to managing any health condition.

Does Martinnaise contain sugar?

No, Martinnaise products do not contain refined sugar as an ingredient nor do they contain any hidden sugars.

Does your vinegar contain sulphur dioxide?

No, none of the vinegars we use in the preparation of our sauces contain sulphur dioxide. Our vinegars are pure and are made mostly from fruit sources. They are different from those you purchase in retail.

Are Martinnaise products preservative free?

Yes, all Martinnaise products are preservative free. We have developed our own natural methods over a number of years which enables us to give you products with a reasonable unopened shelf life at room temperature.

Are Xylitol and Erythritol artificial sweeteners?

No, Xylitol and Erythritol are natural sweeteners that are found in fruits and vegetables in nature. They are not chemical/ artificial sweeteners.

Are all Martinnaise sauces Keto / Banting?

Only our vegan mayonnaise products are not classified as Keto or Banting. This is because the Keto and Banting specification does not permit the use of seed oils or starch which are present in our vegan mayonnaise products.

So if your Keto / Banting Mayo is 52% oil, what is the other 48% made of?

Seriously, did you just ask me that? You won't believe how many times I have been asked this over the years. So for all the conspiracy theorists that believe there is no such thing as an honest food producer, let me answer this completely honestly for you: purified water, whole free range eggs, natural sweetener, spices ... its all on the label, no cheats! This is really awesome food in a bottle!

Is Martinnaise products available in catering packs?

Yes, all Martinnaise products are available in catering sizes. Kindly contact us at for your specific needs.

Where can we buy Martinnaise products?

We have a online store! When the COVID lock downs hit our country, we realised that the safest and easiest way to get our products to you, was if we started a Martinnaise online store. We did that and it has been a huge success with more and more people preferring to shop online, we are able to meet this growing need. We ship to most places around the country, right to your door. Our shipping rates are low, orders over R1400 enjoy free shipping, and shipping is quick. It takes from 2 to 4 working days from the time you place your order until it is delivered, it just depend on where you are located.  Martinnaise products can either be purchased from a  few selected stores around the country. 

Are Martinnaise products Kosher or Halaal?

All Martinnaise ingredients are certified both Kosher and Halaal.

Does Martinnaise Keto and Banting mayonnaise contain any seed oils?
No, Martinnaise Banting / Keto Mayonnaise only contains Avocado Oil, Macadamia Oil or Extra Virgin Olive Oil or a combination of these. No seed oils are used in the manufacture of these products and we have a cross contamination prevention program in place. We manufacture to strict Keto and Banting standards. No Compromise.

Is Martinnaise safe for people with Soya allergies?

Yes, all Martinnaise products are completely soya free.

Do we use MSG?

No, Martinnaise products do not contain MSG in any form and it is not an ingredient in any of our recipes or sub-recipes.

Are Martinnaise products safe for people with Gluten intolerance?

Yes, all Martinnaise products are completely Gluten Free.

Is your Cacao ethically sourced?

Yes, our cacao is ethically sourced. In the process of selecting our source, it was important to us to know that there are no pesticides used, no child slave labour (oh yes, it is a real thing!) and that the cacao is raw and non-alkalized. You can rest assured that our cacao is the real deal! Non-GMO, unsweetened, non-alkalized and no free flowing agents are added. This is why our cacao has the taste and smell of chocolate and does not taste as bitter as cacao/ cocoa products usually do. It is also much lighter in colour.

Why are Martinnaise products more expensive that run-of-the-mill grocery store products?

Martinnaise products take no short-cuts. We do not have low grade or chemical ingredients, artificial flavouring and preservatives. We use only the best, natural ingredients to create the flavours and colour of each product. We don't cut corners or take short cuts because we don't compromise on quality.

I own a store and would like to sell Martinnaise products?

Yes, you are welcome to apply to be a reseller. You are welcome to get in touch with us at and we will discuss the requirements to qualify as a reseller with you.

Is the mustard used in Martinnaise sauces a mustard paste and what are the ingredients?

No, our mustard is simply just that, pure mustard. We use more than one type of natural mustard, but still only pure mustard. These are not blends or pre-prepared mustard recipes that contain numerous ingredients. We do not use artificial mustard flavors either. The only secret lies in the method of how we prepare our mustard, but no bad ingredient surprises here!
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