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Our ingredients are what makes all the difference

We take great care in selecting the ingredients we use and the processes by which we make our products. This is because we know how food choices impact our wellbeing.  We all need to be making better food choices and choosing our food product brands more carefully. 


All over this site you will find constant reminders of why we only use premium ingredients. I am talking about Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt and non-iodated North Atlantic Sea Salt - definitely no cheap and nasty table salt! We incorporate the best quality non-hydrogenated oils, along with premium vegetable extracts,  fruit concentrates and 100% pure mustard . We under no circumstances use artificial sweeteners or artificial flavours or synthetic colours. All our products are gluten free, soya free, sugar free and preservative free. We don't use MSG and all our ingredients are non-GMO.  We use the best manufacturing practices to bring you quality products you can trust and enjoy. Some of our ingredients we collect directly from the farm where they are grown.

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