Get rid of acid reflux and indigestion the easy

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Get rid of acid reflux and indigestion the easy

For many years I had a personal struggle with this. It was especially bad at night. So often it would happen in the early hours of the morning. Some nights I even had to sleep elevated if dinner was too spicy, had a dish with too much dairy or even acidity in the sauces or dressings. I couldn't figure it out, was it food, acid, spices, dairy, or was my stomach just producing too much acid. Watching all the antacid advertisements it certainly always suggested that the problem was too much stomach acid. So like most people I did what I thought was the cure and reached for the popular antacids. Relief was always short-lived and all too temporary. If I used it too regularly my gut felt very uncomfortable. It just felt like a viscous cycle. My GP didn't offer too much in the way of help either. So, what to do?


One day I chanced upon a conversation with a medical professional in the field of natural medicine who told me, too my surprise, that in most cases acid reflux and heartburn is caused by low stomach acid levels,NOT excessive acid. Wow, that almost defeated logic! It went opposite to everything I had heard before. The remedy was simple, 15ml raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar and 15ml lemon juice in a glass of water three times a day or when an episode occurs. It sounded impossible, could this really work? I was desperate enough to try, I started taking it and I have never looked back. I haven't had acid reflux or heartburn in years! I eat whatever I want with no ill effects.


Okay, let me haste to add, eat whatever I want within the Keto/Banting framework! You see, the apple cider and lemon juice combination corrects your body's pH and also ensures correct stomach acid levels. This in turn promotes gut and liver health and ensures adequate bile production by the liver which is then stored in you gall bladder that promotes proper digestion and fat metabolism. This simple elixir is really a little miracle in a glass!


Martinnaise Raw Unfiltered Unpasteurised Apple Cider Vinegar is the perfect way to contributing to your good health!

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