Vegan prawn snack-board with Martinnaise

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Vegan prawn snack-board with Martinnaise

So being a busy guy I love quick nutritious meals. This has been one of my favourites for a long time! Fry's Family's vegan prawns with three of my mayos, it is just so good. As with all my pics, this was my actual lunch. OK, so I like to make my food look pretty ... maybe I have watched too many food shows..... LOL!

As you guys know, we don't do soya at Martinnaise, but these prawns are so good, that I just have to occasionally quietly have some without my girls knowing - now don't you dare tell anyone on me! Wally and Debbie, I hope you're happy winkcreating this irresistible temptation has got me coming back time and time again!

I simply fried the vegan prawns in some coconut oil, and drained them on some paper towel. I used our savoury sweet and herb infused Martinnaise original, Garlic and also 1000 Island vegan mayos as dips along with a splash of lemon and a handful of baby tomatoes. These flavours harmonise like  a beautiful symphony!

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