Vegan Salad Dish with Martinnaise Sauces

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Vegan Salad Dish with Martinnaise Sauces

When I made this salad the first time I thought, there is no way this will keep me going! Oh wow, how wrong was I? This nutritious salad was tasty to the last bite.

What you will need:

Red and Green Butter Lettuce (available at Spar and Checkers)

Butter Lettuce


Red and Yellow Bell Peppers

Baby Cherry or Plum Tomatoes

Martinnaise Sugar Free BBQ Sauce (Yup, I put this BBQ sauce on my salad and its awesome!)

Martinnaise Gourmet Vegan Mayonnaise

Red Onions or shallots

Himalayan Crystal Rocks Salt and coarse Black Pepper


Here's how I put it together:

Grate about half a cup of your favourite vegan cheese. My personal favourites are the Violife and Earth& Co brands!

Shred some butter lettuce and lay it out on your plate first. lightly spoon a little of the Gourmet Vegan Mayonnaise over this first layer and also a light drizzle of the Sugar Free BBQ Sauce.

Cut and de-seed about a quarter of each yellow and red Bell Peppers into thin ribbons and scatter over the sauce

Next layer the rad and green Butter lettuce

Scatter the grated cheese over the lettuce and garnish with a few thinly sliced Red Onion / shallot rings

Cut Baby Tomatoes in the quarters and lay over the onion rings as per my meal photo

Lastly dress with both Martinnaise's Sugar Free BBQ sauce and Gourmet Vegan  Mayonnaise

Grind some coarse Black Pepper and add a light sprinkling of Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt to taste

It tasted every bit as good as it looks! As said before, every meal photo on this website is one of my own meals which I usually enjoy well before the photo even reaches my PC!

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