Keto / Banting Prawn Salad with Martinnaise Sauce

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Keto / Banting Prawn Salad with Martinnaise Sauce

So I thought I would share a little 'spoil myself' that I enjoy occasionally. 

When you put this together you look at it and think, 'I will never get full on this!", and great will be your surprise! Lets get to it:


What you will need:

1. To prepare the prawns:

100g de-shelled prawn met - I normally get the large tails

500ml Purified water

8ml Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt

30ml Xylitol

5ml Crushed Garlic

2.5ml Cayenne Pepper


2. for the salad:

Martinnaise 1000 Island Banting Mayonnaise

Martinnaise Sugar Free Tomato Sauce

Three types of lettuce - Crunchetta, Romaine and Butter Lettuce

Baby tomatoes

Shallot / Red Onion

Coarse Black Pepper


Lets put it together:

Put the water in the a pot and bring to boil. Add ingredients in 1. above.

Now add the frozen prawn tails.

As soon as the water starts boiling again, remove the prawns quickly - this is where I have to share a little secret with you - put it straight into ice water for about 10 minutes. This will ensure tender, succulent prawn meat in your salad!

Drain the prawns and add the 1000 Island Mayonnaise and Sugar Free Tomato Sauce in about a 2 to 1 ration. Now I wouldn't dare to tell you how much, that is really up to you. Now if you asked my kids...... smiley


Now lets get it into a bowl so we can eat!

Line the bowl with crunchetta and Romaine Lettuce leaves and then lay a bed of the shredded  Butter Lettuce.

Spoon the prawn mix onto the bed of Butter lettuce and garnish with shalot / red onion rings, baby tomatoes and with your black pepper grinder in hand, finish it off with a sprinkling of coarse black pepper as per the image.

I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoyed this right after taking this photo! None of my food phtos are dress-ups. It is the real food with the real sauces and without fail, I eat it right after the photo shoot. I love my job!!

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