Keto / Banting Tuna on Toast

Keto / Banting Tuna on Toast

Here is a scrumptious and easy lunch. I love nutritious meals that I can prepare easily and that tastes great.


What you will need:

Firstly Banting bread. I use Sa Low Carb Supplier's bread. It is the lightest Banting Bread I have ever tried and it toasts beautifully and it doesn't fall aprt like so many of the Banting Bead offerings out there!

I used the tuna in brine from my local supermarket

Martinnaise Gourmet Banitng Mayonnaise (a generous helping - I'm a mayo junkie, what can I say!)

Baby Jam Tomatoes (I normally grab the ones from Woolies, thay are super fresh and tasty and very reasonably priced!)

Butter Lettuce - yup butter lettuce and ramine lettuce are my favourites, but you can use any lettuce you prefer.

Coarse black pepper to taste

* I don't add salt as between the tuna and the mayo it is enough fr my particular pallet.


How to:

I like toasting my bread in the pan. I simply butter both sides and drop it in the frying pan (don't add any butter to the pan!) I toast it seperately because I like to still be crispy when I eat it and not all soggy!

Next chope the tomatoes, mix the tuna and mayo (as much as you like!) in a seperate bowl.

 To assemble, put the toast, then the lettuce (this forms a barrier between the toast and the tuna and your toast won't go soggy too quickly), then put a generous helping of your tuna mayonnaise on top. 

One tin of tune will make enough for two to three of these open toasted sandwiches. They are very filling, so this can easily feed two to three people.

Bon appetit  smiley!

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