Keto / Banting Grilled Fish With Martinnaise

Banting, Grilled Fish, Keto -

Keto / Banting Grilled Fish With Martinnaise

Here is sure Banting / Keto winner for you! Grilled fish fillet with Martinnaise Olive and Herb Banting Mayonnaise  - a sure winner!

Here is what you will need:

Martinnaise Olive & Herb Banting / Keto Mayonnaise

Fish fillets - I used Hake, but have tried it with Snoek, Trout as well as Monk Fish and it work equally well. It should work with most types of fish.

Salt and Pepper for seasoning

Baby tomatoes and Spring onion for garnishing.

Let's put it together:

In this example I grilled it in an oven dish in the gas braai. You can grill it in the oven or any other suitable grilling device.

I always baste my fish, after seasoning with salt and coarse black pepper, with some melted coconut oil / Extra Virgin Olive Oil or even Avocado Oil. This prevents the fish from drying out when grilling.

When cooked about half way, garnish with slices of baby tomatoes, as many as you like, and then spoon the Martinnaise Olive and Herb Banting Mayonnaise over the fish and tomatoes. If you enjoy Red Onion / Shallots, you can slice some rings and add it with the tomatoes before spooning the mayo. 

Grill on medium heat until the mayo is caramelised. 

Let it rest for 10 minutes and serve with side salad of your choice.

Once a simple but nutritious meal!


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