Banting Burger with Martinnaise Sauces

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Banting Burger with Martinnaise Sauces

Hamburgers - especially the three-sauce double patty cheese burger, has always been a favourite of mine and I must admit, I missed my burgers when I started Banting! Sa Low Carb Suppliers came to the rescue with their great sesame Banting burger buns. So here is an authentic home made Martinnaise three-sauce Banting Burger for you to try.

What you will need:

Martinnaise 1000 Island Banting Mayonnaise

Martinnaise Sugar Free BBQ Sauce

Martinnaise Ultra-Creamy Banting Mayonnaise

Banting burger buns

Fresh Butter Lettuce

Red Onion / shallot

Baby Jam/Cherry Tomatoes


Home made hamburger patties or Banting approved store baught patties (I used plant based mince when I made my patties)

Great, so when you have all that out on the counter, lets make an awesome burger.

Now I like to cook my patties over the open coals for added flavour. When the patties are cooked, I butter the buns lightly and toast the over the coals as well. So when these are cooked, we build the burger.

Start with a spoonful of our Ultra Creamy Banting Mayonnaise then lettuce. Place first patty, a layer of cheese and a helping of our 1000 Island Banting Mayonnaise. Add a few red onion rings and place the next patty on top. Drizzle our Sugar Free BBQ Sauce and close the bun. Wrap your teeth around this one and enjoy!

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