Is Mayonnaise healthy or unhealthy?

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Is Mayonnaise healthy or unhealthy?

Wow, that is a big question for some. I am going to quickly explore that with you as it is one of those 'guilty' pleasures that everyone enjoys - just look at how many different types there are in our stores and how much space is allocated to mayonnaise in those grocery isles! - but even though we have it we are not entirely sure we should!


The fact that mayonnaise is big business everywhere, is no doubt. This is why every tom, dick and harry that wants to make a quick buck launches a mayonnaise. There are so many products being produced in this category purely for profit and very little, if any, thought is given to what happens to your health in the process outside of just meeting the health and food safety legal requirements. At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, we all suspect that just because it is vetted by the governing food authorities it doesn't mean it is good for us. Sadly this applies to much of what the general public consume on a daily basis. We trust food producers and the governing authorities to set standards that keep us safe. Well, if they were doing such a good job, why is cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer and other chronic diseases so much more rife than ever before? I know I sound like a broken record by now, but the fact remains, we are what we eat. It affects our moods, our memory, our focus, our weight, the rate at which we age ......absolutely everything.


The scary part is that we have been led to believe that it is normal! Wow, what an absolute lie! We can change so much just by being selective and careful what we consume, when we consume it and how much we consume of it. Just like all the other sauces which dominate our food stores, mayonnaise is not created equal by any means. There are preservatives, sugar, derivatives of dairy and yeast, low grade inflammatory oils, the wrong kinds of salts, and in ignorance we just pile it on blissfully unaware of what we are doing to ourselves... or are we just burying our head in the sand like an ostrich thinking we are immune to its long term effects? There is the belief and perception that mayonnaise just leads to weight gain and cholesterol problems, and yes, for most products that you encounter in the supermarkets this is totally true, no matter what is promised on the labels.


Even many of these commercial products that are now claiming vegan status and that make other health claims. Martinnaise is a truly unique range of preservative free, non-GMO mayonnaise, sauce and food products in the market place today. There are no hidden surprises. It is the only mayonnaise and sauce products consumed in our home. We use both our vegan and LCHF (Banting and Keto) products. We enjoy it on the side, on our low carb sandwiches, in our cooking and on our pizzas. This all while loosing weight, staying in shape and feeling great. It is a part of our balanced meal eating life-style, as you have seen by some of the meals I have shared here with you. We are launching the first part of our new website soon and there you will be able to find where to purchase our products, purchase direct if you have no stockists conveniently near you.


Conclusion Mayonnaise can be a healthy addition to your meals if you choose your products carefully. Martinnaise sugar free, preservative free LCHF mayos with free range eggs and high quality fruit oils are high in omega 3 and omega 9. Our vegan mayos are authentic sugar free, preservative free, non-GMO products that have so many applications and are without equal in our stores. It is because all of our products are made by our family with a passion for our health and yours. To each of you - each chef and restaurant owner, each hotel and deli that use our catering products and each store that stock the Martinnaise range - thank you and we appreciate you and your commitment to your own health and the health of your customers health so much!

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