Is GMO bad for you and why the hype?

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Is GMO bad for you and why the hype?

Let me state first and foremost that ALL Martinnaise products and ingredients are 100% GMO Free. There is no compromise here! That is why you will see that all our labels state non-GMO.


So what is the whole deal with GMOs? First of all, what is GMO? It stands for Genetically Modified Organism. This is when the DNA or genetic structure of an organism (be it plant or animal) is changed to achieve a specific goal – i.e. resistance to disease, rate of growth and development, higher crop yield – although the jury is still out on this one as to whether it actually does increase crop yield for sure. It may also be done to achieve brighter colors, enhance certain nutrients, extend shelf life, increase resistance to weed killers and herbicides, etc. The pro-group argues that no current scientific study confirms that the resultant food products are not harmful to human health, short or long term. Many of these studies are flawed, even though they are held up as ‘evidence’ of GMOs apparent safety. There are many professionals in the health care and agricultural fields who feel that the whole GMO issue is a ticking time bomb and long term is where we are going to pay for it dearly.


Agriculturally speaking this technology is supposed to yield super crops that are bug resistant and produce a higher yield. However many fear that it is giving rise to super-bugs as a spin-off because of the increased use of herbicides. This is because the GMO crops are engineered to have higher resistance to herbicides and weed killers. We are told that some 900 studies conducted over a twenty year period have not shown conclusive evidence that GMOs are harmful. However, some of these individual studies were conducted over periods as short as three months which makes their results completely irrelevant! GMOs are in virtually everything we consume and many product labels do not even declare GMO ingredients. So you really don’t know the extent of your exposure.


The concern is not only over the direct ingestion of GMOs that you can consciously avoid, but also those indirectly ingested through the meats and poultry we consume. Their feed is high in GMOs, unless of course you only use grass-fed, organic products. The GMOs wind up in the meat you consume and so enters your system in via this avenue as well on a daily basis. Regardless of whether you diet is plant based or omnivore, this puts a huge strain on your liver and immune system. So to make it clear, whether Vegan or omnivore, there is no apparent escaping this unless your diet is 100% verifiable organic. There are many health professionals who believe that the sharp increases we have seen in Alzheimer’s as well as hormonal cancers like breast-, ovarian-, prostate- and testicular cancer can be directly linked to the stresses that our liver and digestive systems have come under as a result of the chemicals we ingest in our foods as a result of the GMO farming. Conspiracy theory? You can’t help but wonder. Statistics tell a grim tale when you look at the last two to three decades which certainly gives a lot of credibility to the arguments against GMO farming.


Like I so often point out, we are responsible for our own health. People believe that it is too expensive to eat healthy. Okay, so let’s be honest, so many people on conventional supermarket diets eat way more than they should, for whatever reason. They also consume large amounts of highly inflammatory foods like those that contain refined sugars (which accounts for a large percentage of food in your supermarket) and artificial preservatives, colours and flavor enhancers. Even many who eat the right foods, over indulge. We allow ourselves to be lead around by our taste buds instead of our good senses! To eat healthy and to keep to the correct portion sizes, does not always translate to a higher overall grocery bill! The best thing about eating well and right is the free part and that is self-control.


This is especially true when it comes to portions as well as what foods (and cheats for those who do that) you put between your teeth! Many experts believe that the majority of common illnesses arise from what we eat and drink as well as the sheer volumes we consume and the impact it has on our bodies. I for one wholeheartedly support this belief as there is overwhelming #evidence to support it. So whether you are for or against GMO’s at this point, it certainly warrants your serious consideration.


My family and I avoid GMO foods at all costs, but that’s our decision because as with all serious decisions, we have to live with the outcome and can’t blame others for it. Your health is in your hands, make those decisions count. When years of damage start showing, it is hard to undo it. Keto and Banting offer healthy alternative eating life-styles for vegans and omnivores that goes a long way toward health and longevity. When you use Martinnaise products, this is one less worry crossed off your list! Yours in good health Martin

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