Feeling tired and no energy?

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Feeling tired and no energy?

Feeling tired and run down on low-carb (Banting or Keto)? Read on and learn how to get back on top simply and quickly!


Hi friends! For those of you who are faithful in your low-carb lifestyle, this is going to either be news or all too familiar! Since you have been following your low carb eating lifestyle (and of course, NOT cheating goes without saying), I am sure you must have had days where you feel inexplicably tired, you may even have felt your heart rate a little off or tingling sensations in your hands and feet or maybe even bouts of unexplained nausea which you may have just written off as being due to your new hi-fat diet. Even some occasional constipation. Well, all these symptoms or a combination of them may just be telling you something else. When you are on a LCHF diet such as Banting or Keto (or any other low carb diet for that matter), your body loses a lot of its minerals such as magnesium, potassium and sodium. This happens because your body doesn’t store as much water as it does on the high carb diets. As a result of your body dropping excess water, these water soluble minerals are excreted in large amounts and when you run low on these, you start experiencing all these symptoms and a few more depending on how severely your minerals are depleted.


Eating right is key to preventing this situation and getting enough salt – the right salt like Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt or Sea Salt – is paramount. Personally I take a magnesium and potassium supplement as well and since I have been doing so I feel great! No ‘keto-flu’, I have plenty of energy, the tingling in my hands and feet are gone as well as all the other symptoms.


I was recently reminded how important this is when my life suddenly got so busy for a few days that I forgot to take my supplements, I wasn’t eating right, not having my apple cider vinegar drink and then suddenly I crashed! I felt horrible! Then it hit me, my minerals had dropped off the scale. I quickly rectified all that and it was like a miracle recovery! Cruciferous vegetables, eggs, avocados, macadamias are amongst the super foods that are amongst other things rich in potassium and magnesium. As I was looking at my experience I was thrilled to be reminded of the fact that all our Banting products are made with this very goodness tucked right in there. Yup, even the product designer needs a reminder every now and then! We use only fruit oils in our mayos – avocado, macadamia, extra virgin olive oil – with whole free range eggs, there really is so much goodness packed into each bottle. Combine that with the fact that everything is non-GMO, preservative free and sugar free, it just doesn’t get any better. No bad surprises here.

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