American-style Banting-Keto Mayonnaise 700g

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Martinnaise American-Style Mayonnaise is a Keto and Banting-friendly low-carb mayonnaise that truly tastes homemade. It is ultra thick and luxuriously creamy. Reminiscent of a popular American mayonnaise we used to get in our country, but unlike the product that inspired this mayonnaise, our American-style mayonnaise contains, no soya, EDTA or sugar. It is also made with Free-Range eggs and avocado oil. Its creamy taste makes it an amazing all-rounder. If you love that homemade mayo taste, you will love this new mayonnaise from the Martinnaise-stable.

Ingredients: Fruit Oil (avocado)(65%), Purified Water,  Lemon Juice, Spirit Vinegar, Whole Free Range Egg, Xylitol, Non-iodised North Atlantic Sea Salt, Flavouring                   

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