My name is Martin Greeff and as you may have guessed from my introduction, I'm the 'Martin' in Martinnaise. To see where our journey started, please read our family story on our History Page on our Vegan Mayonnaise page.

When Professor Tim Noakes rocked the world of nutrition with the resurrection of the LCHF (low carb high fat) eating lifestyle change, we watched with great curiosity as we heard of people like William Banting, the chubby undertaker from London many years ago, and the profound impact this change in his eating lifestyle brought about. We realized that Professor Noakes was onto the next revolution in the food industry - as his initial book is aptly named - so with all the experience we had built up in developing our vegan mayonnaise range it was only logical for us to develop products for the Banting community.

In our own family and in our friendship circle the testimonies of those deriving huge benefits from following this new eating life style was just to profound to dismiss it as a passing fad. Banting is here to stay and so is Martinnaise.

Because our vegan range was already preservative and coloring free as well as free of the host of usual culprits that trigger common food allergies - check our Vegan Products Page - it only made sense to carry everything we have learned across to the starting line to make the best possible Banting mayonnaise. As with all good things it did not happen overnight, but the results are worthwhile. We are so grateful for all the encouragement and compliment that people from across our beautiful country have taken the time to pass on. We are humbled by it and it makes us more determined to improve and do even more and better in the future.

Martinnaise is a family business that puts our best into every product we create. Everything that proudly carries our loge is used in our home. We value your health and family too and assure you of our best at all times. Life is precious, take care!